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ticular: short for particular, referring to the exceptional consulting services we offer.

The expertise we have to offer you includes:

• Social media
• Engagement marketing
• Influencer relations
• Communications
• Event planning
• Business Development
• Market Research
• Cross-platform strategy
• Search engine optimization
• Online advertising
• Project management
• Life sciences services
• Support for startups and entrepreneurs

Why ticular?

Take advantage of [par] ticular services
  • Escape the commodity trap
  • Turbo charge and integrate your communications
  • Streamline your marketing operations: Do what you like and leave the rest to us
  • Offer the added value your clients really want
  • Stay in the loop with your (potential) clients
  • Gain expertise in your market
  • Improve effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Take care of follow-up measures after an event
  • Get ahead of your competitors
  • Manage the peak workloads in your marketing department


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